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Another day at school enduring boring classes every day. But today is going to be a different day, today you are not willing to swallow that boring math class again after recess. Today your neightborhood playrooms gets your favourite arcade machine, Golden Axe. So you have decided to escape from school and play a few games.

Although it will not be easy to scape from school and get to the playroom. Luckily you know a route that will allow you to reach your goal, although it's not free of risks.

You will have to face enemies, obstacles and fatal heights on your way to the playroom, only with help of your jumping abilities and a water gun filled with acid of the school laboratory.


The game consist on five phases, each of them has five different ubications where you can move freely. Find and collect ten objects in each phase to go throught the exit that will give you access to the next phase.

At the beginning you can select between two different characters, choose the one you like best to overcome the adventure.

Be careful and don't hit the obstacles and enemies that you will encounter along the way, watch your movements to avoid them and try not to fall from heighs or you will hurt.

Your water gun will not help you against your enemies but it will help you to destroy some obstacles that prevents your progress towards the arcade game of your dreams.

Phase 1 - School:
The adventure begins in the laboratory of the school, where you have filled your gun with acid. Collect the parts of the key that will allow you to open the trapdoor of the boiler room where you can escape from school without being caught by any teacher.

Phase 2 - Sewers:
The trapdoor takes you directly to an old underground passage, from there you will have access to the city sewers from where you can reach the subway. Along the way you must pick up all the parts of the ticket you need to take the subway.

Phase 3 - Park:
The subway exit takes you to the park. If you cross it you will arrive directly at your neighborhood, where the playroom is located. Get all the bones necessary to distract the guard's dog that guards the exit.

Phase 4 - City:
You are already very close to the playroom, but you have no money, so you must search through the streets of the city for some lost coins that will allow you to play a game at your favorite arcade.

Phase 5 - Playroom:
You are already in the playroom. The trouble is that the most crappy boy in the neighborhood, Gash, is seated on the machine. The only way he could let you play is to get some cigarettes to persuade. If you get it, you will play a game of Golden Axe.

When you lose all of your lives, you will have the option to continue at the beginning of the phase where you have lost the last of your lives. You have a total of three additional credits to finish game.

  • Look closely each screen to think about the best way to overcome it.
  • Measure your jumps carefully, there are times when a small mistake will cost you a life.
  • Beware of the platforms that collapse, the fall may not be pleasant.
  • If on a ubication you collapse the necessary platforms to reach a goal, exit and re-enter, so the platforms will return to their original position.

Compatible with all Spectrum models with at least 48k of RAM.
  • Spectrum 48/+: Type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Then press PLAY on cassette.
  • Spectrum 128/+2/+2a/+2b/+3: Select 48k mode, then type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Then press PLAY on cassette.
Insert Coins is a multi-load game. This means that every time you complete a level, indications will appear on the screen to start the cassette and load the next phase.


You can move your character freely through the play area laterally and horizontally. To activate a lever or pick up a piece you simply have to bump into it.
  • Keyboard: User redefinable keyboard. Default keys are:
Q - Jump
O - Left
P - Right
SPACE - Fire
  • Joystick: Interface 2 compatible. Connect joystick on Port 1.

The game gives you the following information:
  • Total number of lives (VIDAS).
  • Level name (LOCALIZACION - UP).
  • Actual screen name (LOCALIZACION - DOWN).
  • Number of items collected/remaining (LLAVES)

This options can be used to practice the different phases of the game. It's available from the main menu of the game. It allows you to modify the following parameters:
  • Start Level (Nivel de inicio): You can modify the level at which to start the game. For example, you can start at the level you can't get through, starting with all lives and continuing the adventure from there normally.
  • Infinite Credits (Creditos infinitos): Selecting this option the number of times you can continue a game is unlimited.

A message in the main menu will let you know if you have changes activated.

Modifying any of the parameters of the options menu YOU CANNOT SEE THE END OF THE GAME. The only way to finish the game is to start from the first level and get it without using infinite credits.


Insert Coins was created for the 2005 BASIC Games Contest organized by Bytemaniacos in the category of Free BASIC being the winner of the category.

  • 25 screens divided into 5 different areas.
  • Programmed entirely in BASIC without calls to ROM or machine code subroutines.
  • 332 different UDGs, 81 simultaneously on screen.
  • 5 independent movements of UDGs on screen.
  • Multiload system.


  • Code: Jorge del Llano (Forsaken)
  • Graphics: David Mochales (Workbench)

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