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Year 2135, the settlement of permanent stations on other planets has become a common practice.

You are a scientific officer and you have been destinated to Phoebe, a strange moon of Saturn. It's a solitary colony where secret army scientific experiments are carried out.
For security, when you arrives at the station you must pass a quarantine period of several weeks into a cryogenic capsule to discard possible infections. After a journey of several months of hibernation you prepare to spend the next two weeks asleep before joining your new job.

Suddenly you wake up. You are alone in the quarantine room of the station. Something is wrong, you look at your watch and see that you woke up a few days before the scheduled date. There is no sign of any person at the station and it seems that all systems have gone crazy.
In a short time you realize the situation, some failure in the security system has caused the leak of an experimental virus that has caused terrible mutations in the station workers.
The isolation of the quarantine capsule has prevented your infection and now you are the only one who has not been affected by the accident.

From this moment your only goal is to escape from the station with the complete DNA sequence of the virus. It will allow to help infected personnel.

Go through the station in search of the DNA containers and take them to the analyzer to complete the sequence, properly use the objects you will find in your path and escape with the necessary information. And above all, do not forget to avoid your old companions, the mutations caused by the virus have made them extremely dangerous.


The space station is divided into four large areas with a total of 36 different rooms. You should look for the containers that holds the twelve frames in which the DNA virus has been divided and introduce them in the analyzer that is in the nursing room of the resident area. In your suit you have enough space to carry a maximum of three DNA containers at a time. At any time you can place the collected containers in the analyzer to be processed.

On your way you will find rooms that requires the use of a specific object to move through them. You will need to collect a total of 4 different objects to complete your mission. These are diseminated in different rooms of the station.

Fire extinguiser: Due to the damage caused by the mutants, fire have been declared in some parts of the station. To advance you must extinguish the fire with the help of a fire extinguisher.

Security card: Some parts of the station are restricted access. They are protected by security systems that prevent access. You need to find a card that allows you to deactivate these systems.

Radiation glasses: Faults in the electrical conduits have caused ultraviolet radiation leaks. You will not be able to pass unless you use an anti-radiation glasses that protect your eyes.

Space suit: The space suit it's essential to be able to withstand zero atmosphere conditions.

Once you have completed the DNA sequence you can escape from the station with the necessary information. Go to the outer platform and escape on the ship located in hangars.

  • Take advantage of the space available in your suit to transport the containers. You can avoid crossing a dangerous area too many times if you go with enough free space to collect all the containers in the area.
  • Trying to cross certain rooms without the help of a particular object can be deadly.
  • Throughout the game you will be given two extra lives with the fourth and the eighth plot of DNA processed by the analyzer. These will be automatically added to the total lives you have.


Compatible with all Spectrum models with at least 48k of RAM.
  • Spectrum 48/+: Type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Then press PLAY on cassette.
  • Spectrum 128/+2/+2a/+2b/+3: Select 48k mode, then type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Then press PLAY on cassette.

You can move your character freely through the play area laterally, horizontally and diagonally.

Some of the objects you will find in your path must be used at certain points in the game. To use an object simply place yourself in the correct position and press the Action key.

To enter the different DNA frames you must collect, go to the analyzer and press SPACE.
  • Keyboard: User redefinable keyboard. Default keys are:
Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
SPACE - Action (Use objet/Put DNA container)
  • Joystick: Kempston joystick compatible.

The game gives you the following information:
  • Total number of lives.
  • Room name.
  • Inventary of collected items.
  • Available space for ADN containers.

Pandemia was created for the 2006 BASIC Games Contest organized by Bytemaniacos in the category of Free BASIC being the winner of the category.


  • 36 screens divided into 4 different areas.
  • Programmed entirely in BASIC without calls to ROM or machine code subroutines.
  • Simulated 3D perspective.
  • 8 independent movements of UDGs on screen.
  • 506 different UDGs simultaneously on memory.
  • Double load. You will only need to load the second bock in case of finishing the game.


  • Code: Jorge del Llano (Forsaken)
  • Graphics: David Mochales (Workbench)
  • Testing: Javier Ortíz

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