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The original Isotopia game on +3 disk format with a complete level editor that will allow you to create your own challenges.

The editor allows the creation of levels designed by the user. We can freely create them from the beginning or modify the original levels of Isotopia without any limitation. The edited levels may be subsequently inserted and used in the original program.

In addition, throughout the editing process, we can test the levels before inserting them into the game to check their playability.

Unleash your madness and face an inexhaustible challenge.


Disk version is specific for Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3.
  • Side A contains the original game on disk version.
  • Side B contains the Isotopia level editor.

Insert disk, restart your computer and select LOADER opction.


You can move cursor freely through the play area laterally and horizontally.

To change a single atom on the board you have to move the cursor onto it and press SPACE/fire. The atom on the board will be swapped with the first atom in the test tube.
  • Keyboard: Default keys are:
Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
SPACE - Put/Change atom
  • Joystick: Sinclair Joystick compatible. Connect joystick on Port 1.


  • Code: Jorge del Llano (Forsaken)
  • Graphics: David Mochales (Workbench)
  • Cover: David Clemares

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