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It has been a long time since your favorite rock band came to play in the city. A long wait but once again the bullring of Las Ventas is ready to live a new concert of AC-DC. Unfortunately, your parents have punished you and they won't let you go. But you are sure that you wouldn't miss that concert, so with the old excuse of going to study at a friend's house, you had escaped and gone to Las Ventas.

The concert is over and now the problems is go through the city at night to your house as soon as possible and avoid the anger of your parents. You will have to face enemies, obstacles and deadly falls on your way back home, only with help of your jumping abilities and your inseparable slingshot.


The game consists of five phases, each of them has six different locations where you can move freely. Find and collect ten necessary objects in each phase to cross the exit that will give you access to the next phase.

You can select your character between Masca or Yoli, choose the one you like best to face you the adventure.

Be careful and avoid collisions with different obstacles and enemies that you will encounter along the way, watch your movements to avoid them and try not to fall from heights or you will hurt yourself.

At the end of each phase you will find an extra level in which you have a maximum of 30 seconds and a single attempt to collect an extra life that will help you complete the following phases.

Phase 1 - Bullring:
The adventure begins in the arena of Las Ventas bullring, after enjoying a incredible AC-DC concert. Go inside the square until you reach the main exit door. Of course, you will not leave the bullring till you pick up every spike that Angus has thrown during the concert.

Phase 2 - City:
Once outside, you must reach the nearest subway station that will bring you closer to your neighborhood. Be careful, the city at night can be a very dangerous place. You spent your money on beers, so pick up some tickets you find along the way to pay the entrance.

Phase 3 - Subway:
This line leads to your neighborhood. Walk the corridors of the station and its hidden rooms to reach the platform and take the subway. At this time the trains no longer carries passengers, so look for some tool on the way that will allow you to open the wagon doors.

Phase 4 - Cementery:
The subway has brought you closer to your neighborhood, but to shorten the way to your house you decide to go through the shortcut of the old abandoned cemetery. Go through graves and ghosts on your way until you reach the place where you can jump the wall. But before find and collect the pieces of an amulet that will allow you to get out alive.

Phase 5 - Home sweet home:
You have finally arrived to your house. In a neighborhood like this, halls are not a highly recommended place. Enter and reach your floor avoiding problems with the dangerous people you will find. And before entering, collect the keys you have lost.

  • Look closely at each screen to think about the best way to overcome it.
  • Measure your jumps well, there are times when a small mistake will cost you a life.
  • Beware of the platforms that collapse when passing over them, the fall may not be pleasant.
  • Shooting can be very useful for getting around enemies, but use it accurately.
  • If on a screen you collapse a necessary platform to reach a goal, exit and re-enter, so the platforms will return to their original position.

Only compatible with Spectrum with 128k of memory. Select the LOADER option and press PLAY on the cassette.

Insert Coins 2 is a multi-load game. This means that every time you complete a level, indications will appear on the screen to start the cassette and load the next one.


The game can be controller by keyboard or Sinclair Joystick.
  • Keyboard: User redefinable keyboard. Default keys are:
Q - Jump
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
SPACE - Fire
  • Joystick: Sinclair joystick compatible. Connect joystick on Port 1.

You controls the character's jumps height. It will jump higher the longer you press the jump key until you reach a maximum height from where you will fall.

The slingshot will take away most of the enemies from you, and you can destroy some obstacles that prevent you from moving forward. When you make a shot you cannot make another one until the charge indicator on the marker is complete.


The game gives you the following information:
  • Total number of lives.
  • Slingshot Charge Indicator.
  • Actual phase name.
  • Item to pick up in the phase.
  • Number of collected items.

If you lost all your lives you will have the option to continue at the beginning of the phase at which you have lost the last of your lives.

  • 34 locations divided on 5 independent phases.
  • Programmed in BASIC and compiled with HiSoft BASIC 3 with asm routines.
  • 516 different UDGs, 196 simultaneously on screen.
  • Up to 6 simultaneous enemies on screen.
  • Multiload system
  • 49 graphical screeens
  • 8 tunes of 128K music.


  • Code: Forsaken
  • Graphics: Workbench
  • Music: Beyker
  • Asm routines: True Video
  • Cover: Javier Clemares, Stefania RX
  • Testing: Javier Pérez, Javier Ortíz

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