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The forces of evil led by an ancestral devil dominate what was once a land of peace and prosperity. In a last attempt to free his people, the king has entrusted you, his best knight, with difficult mission of defeating the evil being.

Make your way through the dangerous domains of the devil infested with deadly servants and destroy the evil beast that has mired your kingdom in darkness.


You must overcome a total of nine levels guarded by an army of devilish entities that you must avoid by all means until you reach the devil's lair.

In each level you will have to collect the four parts of a spell that will allow you to open the exit door that gives access to the next level. Initially the parts of the spell are hidden, so first of all you will have to push the two runes that will show you the location of the spell parts.

Once the spell is collected, go to the exit and you will access a corridor where you will have to overcome, with your ability to jump, the obstacles that appears in your way in a fast race heading to the next level. If you get through the corridor without hitting any obstacle, you will be rewarded with an extra life. 

In corridors you can control the height of the jump. The longer you press the jump key, the higher you jump until a maximum height from where you will fall.


In each level a series of items will show up. If you manage to collect them, it will help you complete your mission. There are a total of 5 different items that you will find throughout the game:
  1. Freeze: Freeze your enemies for a limited time.
  2. Extra Live: Adds an extra life.
  3. Slow: Slows down the movement if the enemies.
  4. Extra Time: Extend the time available to complete the level.
  5. Shield: Provides immunity to your knight. While the shield is active, the knight will be rendered in a different colour.
The location of the items will be show at the beginning of each level.

You have the possibility to train any part of the game independently. Select the level and number of lives at the beginning  and practice as many times as you want.

You can also practice any of the eight corridors  to improve the chances of success of your mission.

  • You must be quick in your mission as you have limited time to complete each level.
  • Pay deep attention to each level and decide the best way to go through it. Choosing the right path will be essential to complete each level.
  • On some levels you will find passageways that will allow you to cross the location in a safe way.
  • Some levels have two exit doors but only one of them will give you access to the next level. The correct door will not always be the same.
  • When crossing the corridors, measure your jumps well so you do not trip over the obstacles on the road.


Only compatible with 128k Spectrum. Select LOADER option or type LOAD “” then press PLAY on cassette.


The game can be controlled by keyboard or joystick.
  • Keyboard: User redefinable. Default keys are:
Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
SPACE - Puss Runes / Jump
  • Joystick: Compatible with Kemspton or Sinclair Joystick- Port 1


The scoreboard will give you the following information:

  • Current level.
  • Time left.
  • Messages concerning to game action.
  • Number of pending / collected spells.
  • Number of available lives.

  • A total of 9 independent levels and 8 corridors.
  • Programmed in BASIC and compiled with HiSoft BASIC +3.
  • 432 different UDGs, 209 simultaneously on memory.
  • Up to 11 simultaneous enemies on screen with independent movements.
  • 13 graphical screens.
  • AY Special effects.


Created by Octocom for the Basic 2020 contest organized by Bytemaniacos in the Compiled Basic category and being the winner of the category.


  •  Jorge del Llano (Forsaken):: Code, graphics and sound effects.
  • David Mochales (Workbench): Graphics, level maps.
In collaboration with:
  • Javier Bustamante (Busta)
  • Sergio Vaquer (Beyker)
  • Hugo Mochales

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