Workbench + 3e is a graphical user interface for ZX Spectrum designed for easy access to your programs stored on a hard disk.

You can organize the installed software in a logical and orderly manner and load it from the simple and intuitive environment.

The +3e ROMS provide powerful commands for using IDE drives however because of thedesign limitations inherent it leads to an absence of subdirectories and the short filename can make the process of storing and executing software both complexand arduous.

With Workbench +3e just have to boot your computer and select the LOADER option and you will have a graphical environment that lets you access your programs clearlyand easily where you can then load them with a few simple clicks of the mouse. You can also use Workbench +3e to browse through the contents of your hard drives.

Workbench +3e also Includes utilities for copying files and managing hard disk backups plus you can also use it when restoring your backups at a later date.

Workbench +3e automatically detects whether it is running on a ZX-UNO and will take advantage of the CPU’s turbo modes and increase the execution speed of the environment without affecting its compatibility with games and programs.

  • ZX Spectrum +2a/+3 or ZX-UNO.
  • +3e Project ROMS.
  • Storage interface supported by +3e ROMS (Divide, DivMMC, ZX-MMC.....).
  • Kempston Mouse or Sinclair Joystick interface.

Workbench +3e can be controlled by mouse or joystick.
  • Mouse: Compatible with interfaces that meets Kempston Mouse protocol.
  • Joystick: Compatible with Sinclair joystick interface. Connect the joystick in port


  • v.2.3:
Fixed error when executing programs from Units window on ZX UNO computers whereby the program was running at wrong speed.
Added system messages.

  • v.2.2:
New character printing routine, thanks to the collaboration of Rafa Pardo (Spirax), which greatly increases the printing speed of the listings in the Output Window.
Added support for TAP files, now Workbench + 3e supports the new functionality existing in modified +3e Roms to accept TAP files.
Fixed error on computers with two IDE drives in which if the second drive was available but not installed, an error would occur in the System Information window.
Fixed error when selecting the FDD drive if there is no disk or the disk is corrupt.
The functionality of moving entries from the Folder Editor has been implemented.
Various corrections in the Folder Editor to avoid the introduction of wrong entries.
Added more than 200 new titles to the collection of pre-installed software.
  • v.2.1:
Increased the number of available folders from 32 to 60:
- Games window contains two new folders: MODDING and OTHERS.
- Modern folder increases its capacity and now works in the same way as the Classics folder, with subfolders to organize the entries in alphabetical order.
Fixed error displaying directories  that causes a crash when trying to visualize the contents of a partition with more than 221 files. Now you can see the maximum number of files that +3IDEDOS allows to contain for each folder(512 files).
Removed access to the RAM drive that is replaced by Disk Drive A.
New preinstalled software collection, ready to be executed.
Revised all graphical icons to enhance their appearance.
  • v.2.0a:
Version 2.0a corrects failure when booting application with english language selected from initial 2.0 version.
Input mode: The alternative version of input by keyboard is eliminated and control of the mouse pointer by joystick is enabled.
Output window: New button ASIG to visualize files of the related partition and add them to folder.
Folder editor: The "File type" field is deleted. Now the system automatically recognizes file type.
Desktop: New SYSTEM window that includes drives exploration functionalities:
- DRIVES icon: File explorer for IDE 0, IDE 1 and RAM drives.
- INFO icon: Informacion sobre el espacio disponible en unidades IDE instaladas
ZX-UNO: Program automatically detects if it runs on a ZX-UNO to accelerate processes using turbo CPU modes.
Languaje: Configurable in Spanish and English.
Screen Saver: Integrated on desktop to avoid classic monitors damages.
Setup: The installation program is now called SETUP and displays texts in Spanish or English. Includes the language configuration, the default control method and the number of intalled IDE units.
User manual: User manual available in Spanish and English.
  • v.1.1:
Generalized execution speed improvement. Code rewritten and 100% compiled.
Same features of the previous version except the UNITS window that lacks functionality.
Presented at Retromadrid 2018.
  • v.1.0:
First functional version. Fully developed in pure BASIC.
Presented at RUN ZX 2018 in Madrid.


  • Installation Floppy Disks: [DSK]
  • Workbench +3e v.2.2 to v.2.3 Update --> Update your computer without losing your installed software: [RAR]


  • HDF image with preinstalled software: HDF images provided are configured to run directly in Spanish, with control by mouse and a single IDE unit installed. To modify the initial configuration, restart your computer and load "SETUP" program that you will find in the "sistema" partition of the hard disk. The configuration program will give you the option to select the default control type of the program, define the number of IDE units connected to the system and select the default language of the entire application. This version contains a good amount of installed software.
  • HDF image without preinstalled software: Same but without any software included, so you can start your own compilation.
  • Installation Floppy Disks: Insert the disk in drive A, select option +3 BASIC. Set A as default unit with LOAD "a:" and run LOAD "setup". Installation program will perform all necessary operations and guide you through the process. Caution: All data on IDE unit 0 will be deleted.


The program can be executed in any emulator that supports the emulation of  + 3e Roms and any of the IDE interfaces supported.



  • 3e v.0.5 alpha + StrowSaw: File manager for +3e IDEDOS drives. Allows transfer files between PC and Spectrum. Works with IDE physical drives and disk images.
  • Drive Image 1.07: Program to transfer HDF disk images to physical disks or vice versa.


  • ZX Spectrum +3e Homepage: +3e project main page with all the documentation and downloads.
  • Fuse: Emulator with good support for +3e ROMS and IDE units. Perfect for running under emulation Workbench + 3e.
  • ForoFPGA about MYST: Detailed information Informacion detallada and all the necessary software to use Workbenck +3e in a MYST (created by desUBIKado).
  • Foro Anachronic ZX GO+: Infomation about Workbench +3e usage in a ZX GO+.
Workbench +3e has been developed by OCTOCOM:
  • Code: Jorge del Llano (Forsaken)
  • Graphics: David Mochales (Workbench)

In collaboration with:

  • Character Print and Floppy Detection routines: Rafa Pardo (Spirax)
  • Mouse Driver: Chris Cowley
  • Joystick Driver: Miguel Angel Montejo (Radastan)
  • Screen saver: Jose Daniel Muñiz
  • Traslation and testing: D. Rimron-Soutter


  • Antonio Villena for give us a ZX-UNO for development and testing.

Workbench + 3e is owned by Octocom and is distributed under FREEWARE license. Free personal use is allowed for an unlimited time at no cost.

Distribution is allowed with prior notice and subsequent authorization from Octocom, as long as it is for free. The distribution of partial or total modifications of any of the parts of this software is not allowed in any case.

Use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without specific authorization of Octocom.

Workbench + 3e includes parts of code made by collaborators, which is their property. The contributors have authorized their use and integration into this software and are governed under the same Freeware license.

"In memory of Pumu that accompanied me throughout the creation process of  this program but could not get to see it finished"

Forever with you, comrade!

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