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A long time ago aliens invaded our planet, there was many attempts to defeat them but finally they won and enslaved the humanity.

But finally the resistance has discovered the weakest point of the aliens, a huge nuclear reactor installed in the depths of a mountain that generates a energy shield over the entire planet. This shield filters the sun's rays that penetrates the atmosphere and are deadly to our enemies. It's destruction  will defeat definitely the enemy.

The only way to destroy the reactor is to get an infiltrated agent to reach its core and install a virus on the host computer that will collapse the computer systems and stop the main reactor.

Your mission is to advance throught different levels of the station to the host computer and download the virus into it.


Each level has an exit door, to be able to cross it you must activate a switch that will show you the position of the four parts of an object that allows you to open the exit. Pick up all pieces and go to the exit. Be careful of enemy soldiers, weapons, and obstacles that you will find on your way.

Level 1 - Forest:
Transport helicopter leaves you on the forest near the alien reactor entrance. Your goal is to get the key that opens the access door. Look for it among the bushes full of carnivorous plants. Be careful of the dragon and the clamps that guardians have placed to protect the entrance.

Level 2 - Security Room:
You are in the security room entrance. Avoid the enemies and traps you will find while collecting the security card you need to continue your way.

Level 3 - Barracks:
You have just entered the barracks of the reactor guards. Collect the security key between rooms of this level to continue. Of course the guards will try to kill you.

Level 4 - Control Room:
This is the reactor's operation center. The main operation of the complex is controlled from the computers in this room. Get the data CD that contains the code to open the access door, but be careful of electric shocks and computers in poor condition in addition to the enemies you will find.

Level 5 - Laboratory:
Here is stored the necessary fuel to feed the reactor. Pick up the required elements to create an acid that will allow you to destroy the door lock of the exit. Be carefull with leaks of radioactive material from drums in poor condition and puddles of radioactive material.

Level 6 - Refrigeration Room:
Here cross the underground river that aliens use to cool the main reactor core. You must go through it carefully because it's very contaminated and the animals that lives here have suffered horrible mutations.
Avoid puddles of radioactive water while collecting dynamite cartridges that will allow you to make a gap in the stone to access the next level.

Level 7 - Hall:
We have entered into the reactor core area. You must walk throught the corridor that leads to the main reactor. The door is sealed, so you must find an electric saw that will allow you to tear down the access door to the reactor. Beware of the stones with cable ducts in poor condition of the cave while dodging the guardians and their defense weapons.

Level 8 - Reactor:
We have finally reached our goal, the reactor. Its destruction will end the alien invasion. We must pick up an old Spectrum and connect it to the main terminal to be able to insert the virus that will destroy the computer system and stops the reactor forever. Be careful, here is the alien leader and his two guardians, the fiercest enemies you will have to face and who will try to prevent you from destroying his machine. Freeing the entire planet from slavery depends on you. If you get it you will see the end of your adventure.


  • The position of the pieces to be collected on each level is random, therefore the difficulty of each screen will vary in each game.
  • Look closely at the list of enemies that appears before starting each level, so you can clearly identify the dangers to avoid.


Compatible with all Spectrum models with at least 48k of RAM.

Cassette Version:
  • Spectrum 48/+: Type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Then press PLAY on cassette.
  • Spectrum 128/+2/+2a/+2b/+3: Select 48k mode, then type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Then press PLAY on cassette.
Infiltrado 2 is a multi-load game. This means that every time you complete a level, indications will appear on the screen to start the cassette and load the next one.

Disk Versión:

Spectrum +3 only. Insert disk on side A and select LOADER option.


You can move your character freely through the play area laterally and horizontally. To activate a lever or pick up a piece you simply have to bump into it.
  • Keyboard: User redefinable. Default keys are:
Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
  • Joystick: Cursor Joystick and Interface 2 compatible. Connect joystick on Port 1.

The game gives you the following information:

  • Total number of lives (SOLDADOS).
  • Actual game level (LOCALIZACION).
  • Number of items collected/remaining (LLAVE).


Pressing the X key in the initial menu you will get a menu of tricks where you can modify the parameters of the game. The game will become much easier with this help.


Infiltrado 2 was created for the 2004 BASIC Games Contest organized by Bytemaniacos in the category of Free BASIC being in second place.


  • 8 completely independent screens.
  • Programmed entirely in BASIC without calls to ROM or machine code subroutines.
  • 155 different UDGs, 32 simultaneously on screen.
  • 6 independent movements of UDGs on screen.
  • Multiload system.


  • Code: Jorge del Llano (Forsaken)
  • Graphics: David Mochales (Workbench)

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